Technical and aggressive yet melodic and emotional, Strung Out has emerged from the grossly populated southern California music scene as one of the strongest and most creative melodic punk bands in the scene. Strung Out formed in 1992 and instantly achieved recognition for their ability to creatively fuse punk, metal, and progressive rock.They have built a solid worldwide fan base through years of touring and progression as songwriters and performers.They started with a lineup featuring vocalist Jason Cruz, guitarists Jake Kiley and Rob Ramos, bassist Chris Aiken, and drummer Jordan Burns. The quintet signed with NOFX bassist Fat Mike's Fat Wreck Chords label in 1993, and issued their debut album, Another Day in Paradise, the following year. The band took an artistic leap forward with the 1996 follow-up Suburban Teenage Wasteland Blues, which began to build their following among fans of new-school punk-pop. 1998 saw the release of the Crossroads and Illusions EP and the full-length Twisted by Design, a more progressive work which found Strung Out beginning to mix elements of technique-oriented heavy metal into their instrumental attack; in addition, Fat Wreck Chords also issued a set of early Strung Out material titled The Skinny Years...Before We Got Fat. The band returned in 2000 with the EP The Element of Sonic Defiance. In 2002 they relased last full album An American Paradox and in 2003 live record Live In A Dive.



MEMBERS: Jason Cruz (vocals), Jake Kiley (rhytm guitar), Rob Ramos (guitar), Chris Aiken (bass),  Jordan Burns (drums)

STYLES:  Punk-pop, Punk Revival, (Heavy Metal)

SIMILAR ARTISTS: Unwriten Law, Face To Face, Pennywise, All, Lagwagon, MxPx, The Hippos, The Suicide Machines

FULL RECORDS: Another Day In Paradise (1994), Suburban Tennage Wasteland Blues (1996), Twisted by Design (1998), An American Paradox (2002), Live In a Dive (2003)





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