SWINGIN' UTTERS have been playing since the late '80s or early 90's depending on who you talk to. They started out in Santa Cruz but decided to move to San Francisco. Their stuff sounds a lot like early punk from England but it's somehow really new at the same time. Founder members were Johnny Bonnel, Greg McEntee and Kevin Wickersham, who quited the band to become High School teacher. Now he play with Workin' Stiffs, when he isn't teaching. Their name originated: One time they were at a party and Johnny saw a pregnant cat with large "teets." He called the band Swingin' Utters, which is a typo (Udders). Johnny says the typo saved the band some troubles, and has double meanings. The best albums (for me) are  Dead Flowers, Bottles Bluegrass And Bones and A Juvenile Product Of The Working Class, They relased by FAT WRECK CHORDS





Johnny was a founder member the band. He is lead vocal. He has deep voice, that is why you recognize him easy. His nickname "Peebucks" originated:  One night Johnny was drunk and he pissed his pants. Then the guys all went to Taco Bell and Johnny went to pay for his food and handed the guy wet dollar bills. Nice. The guy at Taco Bell wondered if he had been swimming, but he said "No I pissed my pants", and gave him the dollar. 




Perhaps the most important member in the band is Darius. He create the major part of songs. He care for official Utters web. He play quitar, but when you hear of other instrument, till is guitar, bass guitar or drums, it is Darius. He sing too 





With Johnny Utters creator. He play drums and he is really very good drumer. Singing - no




Spike play bass quitar and sing. He has a lot charisma and humour, but donīt forget his great vocal skills, which you can hear from Me First And The Gimme Gimmes. Spike is the Gimme Gimmes lead vocal.





OLD MEMBERS (year of leave)





MAX HUBER (2003)