Chicago's Rise Against are the most rockin' thing to come outta the Midwest since the war. Featuring former members of the late great 88 Fingers Louie, these guys have the punk rock resume to back it up. This four-piece punk unit plays a punchy brand of melodic hardcore heavily influenced by bands like Bad Religion, Minor Threat, and Bad Brains. Talk about credentials! Their debut full length, The Unraveling, is a 16-song hardcore blast that'll rattle your skull. Not only that, but these nutty Midwesterners have toured their straght edge arses off. Since the release of their first record, they've went out with AFI, Sick Of It All, NOFX, Snapcase...the list goes on and so will the tours! The latest full length from Rise Against speaks for itself, as Revolutions Per Minute is one of the most celebrated releases in Fat history. RPM combines punk and hardcore with trace elements of emo for an altogether rockin' experience. Rise Against with Swingin' Utters are the best bands now.



MEMBERS: Tim (vocals), Todd (guitar), Joe (bass), Brandon (drums)

STYLES:  Hardcore Melody Punk, Punk-pop

ROOTS AND INFLUENCES: Bad Religion, Minor Threat, Bad Brains

FULL RECORDS: The Unraveling (2001), Revolutions Per Minute (2003)



   THE UNRAVELING (****)    review


    REVOLUTIONS PER MINUTE (*****)   review