With only a few days to spare between the end of a Japanese stint with NOFX and the beginning of a U.S. headlining tour, the Swingin' Utters have squeezed in an all-too-rare hometown show that should highlight all six songs from their most recently released EP. Opening with a bleary-eyed toast-- "Here's to swimmin' with bowlegged wimmin"--Brazen Head features three brilliant, unreleased songs from last year's Pogues-spirited Five Lessons Learned recording sessions and three new songs, all seemingly derived from long distances on the road. Brazen Head swaggers from the "Spanish Bombs"-esque punch of the title song to the West Coast speed of "Something Sticky" to the straight rock of "Twenty-Three" and the high-velocity lament of "Smokestack Dreams." But "Movers and Morons" is the Guinness in the mix--a thick, multilayered sociopolitical missive poured with robust skill and a lot of heart. -S.F. Weekly (8/99)

(review by Silke Tudor)