Santa Barbara's softcore punkers Mad Caddies have been rollicking as a solid seven-piece since 1996, but their musical origination dates back to individual involvements since the mid-'80s. Chuck (Vocals), Mark (Bass), Brian (Drums), Ed (Trombone), Sascha (Guitar), Carter (Guitar), and Keith (Trumpet) were tapped the Ivy League early on, but grew tired of the constant comparisons to fellow SoCal rockers Operation Ivy, plus there was another band going by the same name, so the band obviously went for a new moniker. Mad Caddies issued Quality Soft Core on Honest Don's Records in 1997. Duck & Cover (1998) and The Holiday Has Been Cancelled (2000) were both released on Fat Wreck Chords. Rock The Plank appeared in spring 2001. They combing  reggae, dixieland, surf and ska Mad Caddies have pioneered their own genre of punk combining their back-breaking drum beat and blazing guitars with the topics of buccaneers, peg-legs, and eye patches.

MEMBERS: Chuck (vocals), Mark (bass), Brian (drums), Ed (Trombone), Sascha (guitar), Keith (Trumpet), Carter (guitar)

STYLE: Third Wave Ska Revival

SIMILAR ARTISTS: Edna´s Goldfish, Super Deluxe, Gameface, Ghoti Hook, No Doubt, Dance Hall Crashers, Marvelous 3

ROOTS AND INFLUENCES: Too Much Joy, The Young Fresh Fellows

FULL RECORDS: Quality Soft Core (1997), Duck And Cover (1998), The Holiday Has Been Canceled (2000), Rock The Plank (2001)



     ROCK THE PLANK (****)     review