Santa Barbara's pride and joy, LAGWAGON, has been belting 'em out since 1990. Their catchy brand of punk is an infectious blend of pop and hardcore, lyrically tackling an array of personal politics. This punky quintet secured a massive following worldwide with their solid, tonal attack and hectic touring schedule. Lagwagon has been on Fat Wreck Chords since their very first record "DUH" was relased in 1992. They took more time before they recorded third record Hoss, which marked a distict progression fot the band. "There has been a lot of growth musically and personally since the last album." accordind to Lagwagon vocalist Joey Cape. "Whereas our earlier stuff was more straightforward hardcore, the new material has more dynamics, textures, and a lot more melody. We´ve matured quite a  bit since writting our last album." Lagwagon are pretty much touring maniacs... Not satisfied with having conquered America, Europe, and Japan multiple times, Lagwagon broke new ground  by heading to South America (Brazil, Argentina, and Chile). One of the reasons Lagwagon made it down to South America was due to the success of their fourth album "Double Plaidinum" which was relase in 1997 to an overwhelhelmingly positive response. Lagwagon was  in Czech Republic in May 2002 with Deconstruction Tour.

THE BAND: Joey Cape (vocals), Chris Flippin (Guitar), Chris Rest (Guitar), Jesse Buglione (Bass), Dave Raun (Drums)

STYLES: Punk pop, melody punk

SIMILAR ARTISTS: Tilt, Living End, Eve 6, Foo Fighters


DISCOGRAPHY: Duh (1992), Trashed (1994), Hoss (1995), Double Plaidinum (1997), Let´s Talk About Feelings (1998), Let´s Talk About Leftovers(2000), Blaze (2003)


     HOSS (**** )     review


     DOUBLE PLAIDINUM (****)     review


    LET´S TALK ABOUT FEELINGS (***)     review


    BLAZE  (****/*)   review