"We just finished touring Europe with Rancid, and it's been great every show. It was like the perfect match-up for us: we were friends already, we come from the same musical background, we all listen to reggae and punk. Lars from Rancid produced our album. It's called 'The Streets Of San Francisco'. The lyrics are a little bitter, but not twisted. Bitter in a happy sort of way. We all live right on Haight Street. There's lots of bars and record stores there, and like a bazillion clubs in the city. We must have played them all by now. We're making something--you can't really call it a living! When you're doing something you really want to do, it makes it a lot easier. We're totally happy, we like touring, we like recording, we like playing, and that's what we do. We're just a straightforward punk band that got stuck with a bad name!" They're way too modest. They play riffmongously exhilarating melodic punk and they'll make you dance like an idiot. -Melody Maker, 10/95

(interviewed by Virginia Black)